South through Idaho to the Salt Flats

South through Idaho to the Salt Flats

 After leaving Jackson Hole we traveled over the pass and into Idaho to catch I-15 South to the Salt Flats outside Salt Lake City, Utah. The light was brilliant and I continuously wanted to pull over and take a photo. Traffic and narrow roads made the prospect of that very risky. 

What I was able to capture turned out better than I had imagined! I shot EKTACHROME medium format film from Kodak.

Here's one of the pull offs I was able to stop at in Idaho.

The sunset over the Salt Flats was intense and ever changing. We pulled over to catch it before actually making our way onto the flats. 

That's what's so beautiful about sunsets. They're always changing.

Walking on the Salt Flats is truly unlike anything I've ever experienced. I could not stop thinking I was standing on ice and I was constantly uneasy thinking I was going to fall through. What a beautiful landscape. 

These were the last stops on this epic trip out west. I'll never ever forget. What an amazing country.

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