Kodak Takes CES 2016 by Storm with New Super 8mm Film Camera

Kodak Takes CES 2016 by Storm with New Super 8mm Film Camera

Kodak Super 8mm Camera

To say I'm proud doesn't even come close to the emotions I'm still feeling one week after Kodak announced a brand new Super 8mm motion picture camera at our booth at CES 2016. The announcement went out the day before the show opened with Tuesday's news cycle and we didn't stop talking to interested parties, major news outlets, tech bloggers, and film fanatics for four straight days.
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Kodak Super 8mm Camera

The camera exists because of the dedication and hard work of truly some of the most amazing minds in business, marketing, branding, and technology. It embodies the greatness of the super 8mm format introduced more than fifty years ago, and brings it into 2016 by adding some of the latest in digital technology. The camera exposes the image to a super 8mm cartridge, but also has a digital video assist LCD screen. Additionally there is onboard digital sound recorded to an SD card and crystal sync. There are interchangeable C-mount lenses that provide a wide array of options. It's technologically one of the most advanced super 8mm cameras ever designed.

Speaking of the design, it's absolutely breathtaking in it simplicity, clean lines, and functional form. Made of machined metal and leather accents, it feels like a luxurious professional tool. In fact Yves Behar, the designer from FuseProject, says in a story posted to Fast Company, "Its [build is] really that of a tool. It’s like a hammer." It truly is something that all film lovers need to see. I say this as a film lover as much as a Kodaker.

The tech community was impressed as well. Kodak received three awards at the show. Mashable CES Top Picks 2016, Techno Buffalo Best of CES, and Videomaker Best of CES 2016. It was even featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

To experience people's reactions to the camera first hand was something I will never forget. I myself worked in Motion Picture and have a sweet spot for film capture. To see eyes light up and jaws drop as we explained all of the components to this brand new camera and super 8mm ecosystem built on the technology and innovation of generations of Kodakers made me wish every single one of us was there to see the awe and wonder outsiders have for a simple thing we call "work". You could literally feel just how much it's appreciated and I truly got the sense that people are rooting for us. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a front seat at what will surely be considered a major milestone in this proud company's history.

Kodak light up sign

I'm also extremely proud of the team that worked tirelessly to pull together one of the most beautiful digital experiences for those who were not at the show. The buzz on the show floor carried into cyberspace on Kodak.com and tech pub Red Shark even mentioned our newly redesigned website. Below is just a small sample of the content created for the show. Amazing work by a truly gifted team of Kodakers. I take great pride in knowing we did this in-house. See it all at www.kodak.com/go/CES.


I'm very thankful to have been invited to participate in announcing this film renaissance to the world. I attended CES 2016 to provide photographic coverage of the booth, the camera announcement, and other Kodak products being showcased. I, as well as everyone, ended up doing so much more as a result of the response we got. There were long hours and my voice was all but gone at the end, but it felt so good to be helping deliver content for such a fun booth design and for such great products within the "Kodak House".

The Kodak House

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