Kickstarter for CineStill Film in 120 Medium Format

Kickstarter for CineStill Film in 120 Medium Format

As you know I shoot medium format film. No part of photography excites me more these days than shooting film. That's why it's really exciting to see people doing cool things in the industry that would provide more artistic choices.

CineStill 800T Beta 120 Prototype Spools (Copyright Cinestill Inc. Used with permission)

One such operation is CineStill Film. If you haven't heard of them, The Brothers Wright, founders of Cinestill Inc., take motion picture film and remove the rem-jet layer to make it processable in C-41 chemistry. I'm quite interested in this because of the source of their motion picture film. They use KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film. This film is a standard in Hollywood and has captured some of the most beautiful and compelling cinematography you have ever seen!

They currently only provide this cool product in 35mm.

I shoot medium format. ;-(

Wait, there's a Kickstarter!

If you are a film lover I suggest you check this out and consider pledging!

It even got more rewarding!

Disclosure - I currently work for Eastman Kodak Company. However, all thoughts are my own.

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