Photo Talk: President Plate

Photo Talk: President Plate


I came across a collection of china that belonged to one of the painters at the Onondaga Pottery Company. You may know them better as Syracuse China. They had been making some of the world's best pottery there beginning in 1871. Sadly, the company closed in 2009.

Throughout its history it produced countless sets of china for the White House. As it made these, there were tests done to try different techniques and variations in design. In this painter's collection were a few pieces with a very recognizable seal on them! Sure enough, these are what I believe to be presidential travel pieces that date back to the 40's. At least, that's what a little Google image search revealed.

As for the image itself, I just took a simple snapshot of them on display making sure to have the seal in focus. I really like the tiers each of the plate sizes provide giving the image some layers. With the angle it was taken at, each of the edges closest to the camera stayed nice and sharp.

This was taken with a CANON 20D digital SLR and colors were modified slightly in Photoshop.

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I wanted to share the process, inspiration, and results of photos I have taken to give you a better understanding on how it came to be, and for me to remember as well!

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