Photo Talk: Skaneateles Sun

Photo Talk: Skaneateles Sun

Setting Sun

Sunsets always make for great pictures. The colors in the sky are unlike any other time of day. I was again shooting KODAK EKTACHROME E100 VS and I was curious about the colors I would get shooting directly at the sun.

I figured it would be warm, but nowhere near the oranges and yellows that came through. Additionally I knew that I would get a pretty severe silhouette given that this was reversal film.

I'm in love with the specular highlights in the ripples of water and I love the tones of the sun. It's quite beautiful the way the sky goes to a super deep burgundy and not black. 

It's a relatively simple shot but I was really happy with the way the image turned out!

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I wanted to share the process, inspiration, and results of photos I have taken to give you a better understanding on how it came to be, and for me to remember as well!

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