North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park

Wild fires kept us out of much of North Cascades National Park, but what we were able to see was beautiful.

Newhalem was as far as we could go, but that area has a large hydroelectric plant used to provide electricity to Seattle. There are a few trails and some cool water features close by.

The suspension bridges were lots of fun.

The Cascades are visible from the visitor center.

There were over 400 firefighters staying in this area fighting the fire just up the road near Diablo. We could see a bit of the smoke. It reminded me of Yosemite when we could smell the fires and saw burned out areas. It's amazing what these firefighters do.

I talked to one of them and laughed as we realized we were from the same area. He was out on rotation fighting the fire. It really is a small world.

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