Hydrothermal Features of Yellowstone

Hydrothermal Features of Yellowstone

I've never felt or heard anything like it. The ground shakes, but not like anything you're used to. It's deep. With a burst of pressure, water and steam shoot high into the air. Old Faithful was the first feature we visited in Yellowstone and it didn't disappoint. 

When you understand the dynamics of what makes a geyser work, you understand just how special and unique Yellowstone National Park is. These features are extremely rare globally, but the park boasts roughly half of Earth's geysers.

Fun fact: I actually ended up getting wet from Old Faithful while trying to take a photo from the boardwalk. The sulfur smell is quite strong!

There's over 2,000 earthquakes a year at Yellowstone. This causes some of the features to shift which can change the flow and catch vegetation like this tree in its path. It leaves for some earie scenes.

Those two are from Mammoth Hot Springs. The next few are from the mud pots near Grant Village as well as Black Sand Basin.

If you're looking for color, Grand Prismatic Spring is where it's at. These few were shot on KODAK EKTACHROME S slide film.

I think if I ever go back I'll try to hike the trail that gets you above so you can look down on it. This map shows what I'm talking about!

Here's a few more from around Old Faithful

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