The White Deer - A Visit to the Seneca Army Depot

The White Deer - A Visit to the Seneca Army Depot

The Seneca White Deer is the largest heard of all white white-tailed deer in the world. They reside on what was the grounds of the Seneca Army Depot in Romulus, NY where the 10,600 acre site of the former munitions storage facility provided 24 miles of fencing to protect them.

In late October of this year my family was invited to a tour of the facility and the chance to see these unique animals. The trip did not disappoint, as we ended up seeing a white deer within the first 5 minutes. We enjoyed the rest of the tour seeing additional wildlife and more white deer all while learning about the history of the depot and getting to see inside some of the buildings.

One thing is clear. The depot is enormous. It's a perfect place to protect the heard of white deer. 

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