A Roll of KODAK TMAX P3200

A Roll of KODAK TMAX P3200

 I'm not a big black and white fan, but every now and again I'll throw a roll in and give it a spin. Such was the case a month ago when I loaded a roll of KODAK TMAX P3200 in the SLR. I metered at ISO 3200 and had it developed accordingly at Praus Productions here in Rochester.

The grain is super crunchy but I still found a very pleasing amount of both highlight and shadow detail. I was shooting primarily during the day in full sun. I did get a few night frames and was pleased with those too.

I wanted to see how it would handle snow on the ground in daylight and again was pleasantly surprised by the detail and grain. These next few were taken at the inlet of Irondequoit Bay.

I also took a drive through Kodak Park in Rochester and shot a bit of film manufacturing.

And one from home.


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