Schaller's - The American Burger Joint

Schaller's - The American Burger Joint

Schaller's is another staple in the "burger joint" landscape here in Rochester, NY and, much to my surprise, this one has its beginnings in the photo community. Well, sorta...

It turns out that Joe and Ken Schaller both worked at Kodak before pooling their resources in 1956 to open their burger joint at this location on Edgemere Drive. Seems fitting to shoot it on 4x5 film from the Kodak factory not more than a ten minute drive away. They are both still around and doing quite well!

I did not have a very good meter with me, so I took a few shots with various different settings. The shot below was a bit overexposed in the neon at f11 and 1/125.

As I began to lose light I adjusted to f64 and 4 seconds (timed with my phone's stopwatch).

I'm a sucker for neon, and Schaller's has one of the best "fronts" with neon in the area.

Ever wonder what it looks like if you leave the holder with the dark slide out in the camera and then change the lens? Well, now you know...

This last one was shot on PORTRA 400 in 120 format.

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