In the Studio with Addie Kelly - Part 1

In the Studio with Addie Kelly - Part 1

I first met Addie Kelly at a KODAK Camera Club Open Studio event and asked if she would be interested in doing a test shoot for a couple new lighting setups. She graciously accepted and we shot for about an hour or so.

The first two frames were shot on KODAK TRI-X 4x5 large format sheet film. I had a holder already loaded and figured I would shoot them. I'm trying to work on my focusing for large format and these came out well I think.

Here's the rest shot on KODAK PORTRA film in both 135 and 120 formats.

The setup for these shots was a 4 foot softbox directly in front with two lights behind Addie facing forward making a triangle of light. Seen below are the two flags I used to keep the rear lights off the lens. I pushed forward to see what the flare would look like and I kind of like it!

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