Gallery Opening Event with RIT Big Shot Team

Gallery Opening Event with RIT Big Shot Team

To bring attention to the opening of our latest Gallery Exhibition entitled "The Power to Move Us" we planned a way to bring the rail and photography communities together for a unique one of a kind event.

We worked with RIT's Big Shot team to create an image of Kodak's locomotive set in one of the oldest areas of Kodak Park. Images created by this team are unique in that they are taken at night and illuminated using volunteers with flashlights and portable strobe lights.

The first photo is what it looked like without any illumination and a 1 minute exposure. The second is the result of all the flashlights and strobes filling in and bringing detail to the dark areas.

We then printed up the final image to hang in the gallery with all the other beautiful work.

We also created stickers, patches, and pins of the KPRR logo for sale in the Shop.

The following are some behind the scenes photos taken during the evening.

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