Jason Lee Visits Rochester

Jason Lee Visits Rochester

When people come together, wonderful things can happen. Nothing demonstrated that more to me than the three days back in August of last year when Jason Lee came to Rochester.

Multitalented, Lee is famous for his various roles on screens big and small as well as his professional skateboarding career. But it was his photography that drew him here.

I had the pleasure of joining The Kodakery podcast where he spoke with us about his latest photographic work at the time. A Plain View is the photo book resulting from his many trips around west Texas documenting the cinematic yet wholly genuine scenes that awaited him. He shot various types of 4x5 KODAK film on his journey and we were eager to discuss the process with him.

The experience left me inspired and wanting more. Not just for myself, no. This feeling needed to be shared with others.

The photo community is much like the world. It is vast and varied, but also small and connected. I think that's what I love about it most. Those connections enabled a collaboration between the Kodak Camera Club and the George Eastman Museum to create something special.

We put together a series of events that included a book talk and screening of a behind the scenes film for A Plain View in front of a packed house at the George Eastman Museum followed by a book signing as part of the Wish You Were Here series.

We also coordinated an introduction to large format film photography and a photo walk at Kodak Park with the Kodak Camera Club.

What follows are photos from the experience that lead to old friends reconnecting, new friendships being forged, and memories that will stay with everyone forever. Thanks to all involved in making this a reality and special thanks to Jason Lee for being the kind and genuine person that he is.

Old friends Daniel and Sarah of Exploredinary joined the festivities too!

Through the tunnel are new friends Steven and Erin Reeves

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