Humble Brag - My EMULSIVE Interview

Humble Brag - My EMULSIVE Interview

I was flattered this fall to be interviewed by the amazing community over at Who's EMULSIVE? They're the same group that holds the EMULSIVE Secret Santa every year that sends film related items to your door from parts (and people) unknown to celebrate the holiday season in true film style. Still not ringing a bell? (see what I did there?) Then you're missing out on one of the best film communities in the world.

Well, they reached out and asked, "why do you shoot film?"

You get to hear me go on and on about what film means to me and how I got started shooting it in the first place. I also share my thoughts on the industry today and the power that you and I hold over it.

"We hold the future of film photography in our hands."

I want to thank EMULSIVE for asking me to be a part of their world. It's always amazing to see how dedicated, smart, and creative the community is. 

Humbling to be a part of something so special. 

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