Midway, Utah

Midway, Utah

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Utah for work. I of course brought plenty of film with me and packed both 645 medium format and 35mm cameras. 

I packed both KODAK EKTACHROME E100 VS and EKTAR 100 for the trip. I knew the deep blues would look awesome matched with films ability to hold highlight detail in the snow.

With work commitments and the sun going down so early I ended up only being able to shoot for about an hour each of the two mornings I was there.

The surrounding area was quite amazing geologically speaking. The area is covered with geothermal craters which continue to flow as hot springs today.


The left is EKTACHROME and the right is EKTAR.

The grounds around the resort were quite nice as well.

There was also a farm and grazing land going up the mountainside. Some cows and horses were hanging out there trying to stay warm.

I caught the sunrise coming through some trees that had ice hanging off of them. Made for some nice light rays and flare.

The sunset offered some very nice pink hues as well.

The buildings were done in a traditional Nordic style.

It was a quick but beautiful trip, even when the sun wasn't up. I definitely want to get back to the mountains again soon.

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