All Aboard the Berkshire Scenic Railroad

All Aboard the Berkshire Scenic Railroad

I like trains. I wouldn't call myself a rail fan, because I know some of them and they are truly fanatical. But I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to ride the new Berkshire Scenic Railway's Hoosac Valley Service out of North Adams, Massachusetts.

After an inagural run in October of 2015, regular service began the following spring. I've been watching the progress all along on their Facebook page. The story of how they acquired and transported their RDC-1 "Budd" is quite impressive.

Below is their video of the equipment moving toward North Adams along the Connecticut River.

Although it was a bit rainy we had a wonderful time and look forward to riding it when we visit again!

The staff and crew of the Berkshire Scenic Railway are extremely welcoming.

The track currently ends here just outside of Adams, Massachusetts. Funding has just been secured to finish the line all the way to the station in town! I can't wait to go back and ride it!

They let me go up front to the control room for a view. They are very accommodating to all the rail fans out there. They know how special and rare their operational Budd RDC is. 

The rain came down very heavy when we got back to North Adams but I was able to get a few last minute frames while holding my coat over my head and camera!

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