I Shot Fashion Week 2015 on Film

I Shot Fashion Week 2015 on Film

Photo by Matt Stoffel on KODAK PORTRA 800 35mm film

I was given the opportunity to shoot the Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2015 show featuring the Kodak Capsule on KODAK PORTRA film in support of marketing and brand licensing initiatives.

The capsule contained tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories all with logos and iconography from analog photography and film making.

This was an amazing opportunity for me and I'm so thankful for all the folks that helped make it possible. Working at Kodak has exposed me to some pretty amazing things. Never thought I'd end up at New York Fashion Week!

As for the show, the folks at OC were wonderful and the collection was beautiful. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check out the pics. It's all inspired by film and Spike Jonze's photography. Meeting him and designer Humberto Leon was also a huge pleasure.

The OC folks asked me to write up a blog about my experience shooting film at Fashion Week. For many, shooting an important event on film might be a scary thing. I can assure you that once you understand film, it's no sweat!

Tips include:

  • choosing film stock
  • choosing a format
  • what to pack
  • slow down
  • embracing grain

Capture the Perfect Fashion Shot - With Film

So let me know what you think of the tips, the clothes, film, or anything that's on your mind!

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