Plastic = Cheap?

Plastic = Cheap?

Canon EOS Digital Rebel

I currently shoot with some older model Canon cameras and their body is made of magnesium alloy. The latest releases in the Canon xxD series of cameras has seen the body material change to plastic. Aside from that, the cameras seem to be right on par with the next line up.

The 70D boasts some pretty impressive features but has a plastic shell. The 7D seems just as well stacked in the features department, but its metal body makes me feel a whole lot safer.

My question is, are my fears of plastic unfounded? I mean, what really happens to either in a drop test? I imagine both would require a trip to the shop.

One of my main thoughts was around lens ring strength. It being plastic, would it not be more susceptible to warping? Also, the horrific thought of lens ring and body separation won't leave my head.

Lastly, is there the potential that someone might not take you seriously shooting with a plastic camera? Would anyone even really know?

Is there a stigma amongst photographers about shooting one series of cameras vs. another? Is the xxD line becoming the new XT_? The internet is all too full of comments about people getting an entry level DSLR and claiming to be a professional photographer. 

Am I overreacting?

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