Manhattan Views on CineStill Film BWXX 135 Film

Manhattan Views on CineStill Film BWXX 135 Film

This is the year that my family and I get back to traveling and exploring. We will take precautions, but traveling was such a huge part of who we were before the pandemic and we just couldn't delay any longer.

We wasted no time with a quick trip to New York City at the end of the second week of January. The one thing I wanted to do was check the view from the top of the Empire State Building. As luck would have it, the clouds parted just as we reached the top. 

I brought my 135 format camera and figured this was the perfect opportunity to shoot the roll of CineStill Film BWXX I had packed. The tones and grain are all just perfect. Can't recommend this film more.

We also got out to Rockefeller Center and the surrounding area to do some shopping and see some sights. Cant wait to go back and shoot some more film and connect with film friends. Finally, something to look forward to!

We even made it to Times Square to catch some of the confetti that was still falling.

Can't wait for our next journey and I'm already looking forward to having to figure out what film and cameras to bring!

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