Meeting Accidentally Wes Anderson

Meeting Accidentally Wes Anderson

Analog is not dead. Film is not dead. Print is not dead. The tangible is not dead. I could go on and on about how we as humans will always want realness. We will always want things that exist in real physical space. That's not an anti-technology statement. In fact, I feel like technology is most accepted when it enhances the physical world. Oddly enough, I think that's right where Kodak has always been with film, print, and digital.

That said, I was very excited to be called into a meeting to talk with the amazing Accidentally Wes Anderson who was sharing their travel plans to visit the Rochester area this spring for a story in Whalebone Magazine. Analog fans themselves, it was a great opportunity to bring them to Kodak Tower and share some of the Kodak story for the Photography issue. 

I just love talking about this stuff and it was so great to meet likeminded folks who look for the deeper stories in everything. Even the simplest of things have layers, and when you peel them back you never know what you might find. I just had to order a copy of the magazine myself and smiled reading the account of our stroll around the 18th floor balcony at 343 State Street. It's truly a privilege to share the amazing history of this iconic company.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine for amazing photography, stories, and details on AWA's visit to the Eastman Museum.

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