The Power to Move Us

The Power to Move Us

"There is something about the rails that draws us in. An allure. A fascination.

Rail power can connect people to places, materials to makers, and products to markets. It can move mountains both literally and figuratively. 

The rails also represent what has been and what lies ahead. Their power has a storied past and a bright future. There is a certain romance to it.

The Kodak Park Railroad is no different. It has a long history of providing the power and potential to fuel one of the largest industrial complexes in the world. 

This exhibit is a tribute to all the main lines and sidings that continue to captivate us."

I wrote those words to describe the current exhibition on display at the Gallery at KODAK Center which is free and open to the public. Featured are photos of the Kodak Park Railroad, images from rail fans Aaron Durand, Phyllis and Keith Hackleman, and John Kucko

Below is a selection of photographs I took to help bring the story of the Kodak Park Railroad to life.

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