Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is referred to as an urban park located along the old Ohio and Erie Canal bed between Cleveland and Akron Ohio. One of the youngest National Parks, it's still being developed and new features and amenities are being constructed.

For example, construction continues on the Boston Mill Visitor Center. In that area there are a few Parks buildings including the M. D. Garage. It's a classic 50's style gas station and I was completely enamored.

Construction has also started on a new station for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad at Boston Mill. We bought tickets and boarded the train at the Peninsula Depot.

I think what I loved most about the park is the ease in which you can get around. There's plenty of beautiful scenery viewable from just off the road. Here's some examples.

The other key feature is the proximity to some great cities. Cleveland has a fantastic public library and also boasts a Federal Reserve Bank.

The final amazing discovery was Swensons Drive In. Highly recommend the quick drive down to the flagship just north of Akron or any of the other locations.

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