My role in the 2015 For Profit Marketer of the Year Award to Truth Collective LLC

My role in the 2015 For Profit Marketer of the Year Award to Truth Collective LLC

I was thrilled to hear the great news about Truth Collective winning the 2015 For Profit Marketer of the Year award from the American Marketing Association in Rochester, NY.

Here are some tweets from the event:

I participated in the #FilmWorthy campaign by collaborating, strategizing, and planning various aspects, as well as developing the following assets:

Film Cans and Making of Video

A tangible asset was needed to be instantly recognizable, communicate the campaign message, and provide a prop for various uses while we captured photography and motion image elements. I worked with our amazing film finishing team here in Rochester to modify labels and our well known tape used to seal the can to communicate #FilmWorthy.

I recorded the majority of the footage and compiled and edited it to create the sizzler video that was showcased on the campaign landing page. Here it is!

The film cans were such a hit that we've produced more for additional uses such as a set visit to Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight shot on 65mm KODAK VISION3 Color Negative Film.


I delivered photography to be used in print and online in various channels like websites and social media. We've leveraged them many times to represent the campaign.

FilmWorthy_Label Can_Snow_Tower_1200w

And More!

To follow along, check out I'm looking forward to seeing more from this campaign as we celebrate something near and dear to my heart. To all those out there shooting film, keep up the amazing work! You truly are #FilmWorthy!

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