Ain't Seen Nothin Good?

Ain't Seen Nothin Good?

For those of you who complain that there's nothing to do in Rochester, you ought to be looking at yourselves as the problem. I feel like 2013 was one of the most action packed years with things to do and see.

Here's just the short list off the top of my head:

Fake delivery truck on the set (Main Street, Rochester) for Spider Man 2

  • Spider Man filming downtown
  • 2013 PGA Championship
  • NASCAR with downtown publicity stunts
  • Fringe Fest
  • All of the other festivals we always have
  • Amerks, Red Wings, Knighthawks, basically a pro team for every sport
This of course doesn't include all of the stuff that's available all of the time, including the natural beauty that is the lake, river, waterfalls, bay, hills, trails, etc.

Seriously, if you couldn't find anything to do, it's your fault. Hats off to all the organizers and promoters for all of these things. They may not be perfect, but they make Rochester one of the most unique cities in the world.

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