Digital Imaging - A Lesson in Acceptance

Digital Imaging - A Lesson in Acceptance

These boys need a bath
KODAK E100 film in 120 format

Since its invention nearly 40 years ago, digital imaging has been measured, compared, and debated against one thing... film.

Imagine that the digital camera is a person. From the day it was born people pointed out its short comings, why it wasn't good enough. In doing so, they built a framework for which all future development of the technology would be guided by. Not for the better I might add.

You see, when you're constantly measuring yourself against something, you're never truly able to express yourself. I learned this early on in high school, much to my GPA's dismay. I understand the need for standardized testing, but shame on anyone who fails to realize that does not truly measure a person and their capabilities.

So digital photography has always been developed to be just like film. The harsh reality is it will NEVER be film. We can either continue to try and make the technology of ones and zeros fake what the technology of organically grown crystals produces, or set them both free to be what ever they want to be.

Film is film, and it always will be. It's been around for 100 years, and it will be around for 100 more at least thanks to its archivability.

Accept that digital is not film. It's best for both.

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